Verispellis Skis Bluetooth Adjustable Skis

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Use one pair of skis for any condition with the Verispellis Skis Bluetooth Adjustable Skis. Featuring innovative technology, the Verispellis Skis enable you to change the stiffness of your skis directly from your smartphone. Likewise, the skis also allow you to reduce your quiver. The skis use Nitinol, a unique metal, which changes its material properties as the temperature changes. Additionally, small heating elements next to the nitinol connect to a lithium-ion battery pack. With a switch on the battery, you can turn on the electronics to activate the heating elements. Similarly, you can turn it on remotely via Bluetooth by using the smartphone app. When skiing with the heat off, you’ll experience the standard ski stiffness. However, once you want to increase the stiffness, just turn on the heating elements. You can also choose where you want to place the nitinol strips and stack multiple layers.

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