Alpha Body Fitted Weighted Blanket

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Achieve the most beneficial sleep and rest with the Alpha Body Fitted Weighted Blanket. This blanket stands out in the weighted blanket industry thanks to the body fit design and its innovative filler inside. The company actually engineered their glass beads to deliver all the benefits without the bulk. The Alpha Blanket provides a weight that conforms to your body to help relieve stress and anxiety, help you sleep, and to deliver overall relaxation. In addition, this innovative bead design is 60% thinner than other weighted blankets on the market. Furthermore, the Alpha Blanket comes in four different sizes to customize the experience. You can choose between 10, 15, 20, or 25 lbs. Pairing with the comforting weight of the glass beads is an exceptionally soft cotton exterior. Incredibly, the combined technology delivers a cooling sensation in the summer and a breathable warmth in the winter.

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