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AYO – Sleep Better, Beat Jet Lag, Get More Energy

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Get the most out of your energy when you have the AYO Body Rhythm Enhancing Wearable. This futuristic device comes in the form of a headset that rests just above your eyes. Connecting to your smartphone, the AYO Wearable gently exposes you to blue light. With just 20 minutes of exposure a day, you can optimize your body rhythm to suit your needs. With AYO, you can wake up feeling fully rested and ready for your day. It works by resetting your biological alarm clock and helping you wake up naturally. In addition, AYO has many daily applications. It’s perfect for getting you on track when you travel through time zones. And, the incredible device can also help you tap into energy you didn’t know you had. With just a few minutes, you can find an extra boost of energy to finish off your day.

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