Boosted Mini Electric Short Boards

$749 USD
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Enjoy the benefits of an electric board in a smaller package with the Boosted Mini Electric Short Boards. With a length of just 29.5 inches, the Boosted Mini board is small enough to bring with you everywhere. Featuring a custom-made composite deck, the Boosted Mini offers a stable and wide platform for you to stand on. Similarly, the Deep Dish concave shape makes it easy to control the board. In addition, the kicktail design lets you quickly pivot when you need to. Plus, you’ll barely notice any imperfections on the road surface. The Boosted Mini offers powerful acceleration and smooth yet secure braking. It also comes with three ride modes and acceleration patterns that are suited to its profile. The Boosted Mini comes in two versions: the Mini S and the Mini X. The Mini S reaches up to 18 mph while the Mini X reaches up to 20.

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