Killspencer Bullhide Leather Utility Belt

$155 USD
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Streamline the way you carry your gear with the Killspencer Bullhide Leather Utility Belt. This practical belt is complete with four Mil-Spec Pull-the-Dot Directional Locking Button Snaps. What these do is allow you to attach a variety of accessories directly to the belt. In addition, these snaps are placed directly above your front and back pockets. The Killspencer line offers items such as a wallet, journal, and phone case to instantly attach. Then, you can keep these items in your pocket until you need them. Because they’re tethered to the Utility Belt, you’ll never leave without them. Coming in the classic all-black Killspencer design, the Utility Belt is complete with hand-painted edges. The beautiful bullhide leather comes in two widths as well as ten different waist sizes.

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