Burkley Snap-On iPhone Stand Case

$66 USD
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Make your smartphone stand out with the Burkley Snap-On iPhone Stand Case. Designed for the iPhone 7 Plus, it also comes in other sizes for the Apple smartphone range. Offering exceptional style, this case is flawless and protective. However, in addition to protection, the Burkley Snap-On Case serves another purpose. Built into the back is a moving element that you can use to prop up the smartphone. With this, you can get the perfect angle for watching movies, video chatting, and much more. Coming in a variety of colors, the Burkley Snap-On Case has a snug fitting inner shell. This layer is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. Highly durable, this material is paired with the sleek leather to absorb shock if it’s dropped. The Burkley Snap-On Case is a must-have to keep your device looking new.

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