WaterLily Turbine Camping USB Charger

$159 USD
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Recharge your USB devices using the elements with the WaterLily Turbine Camping USB Charger. This eco-friendly charger charges all USB cameras, smartphones, power banks, and tablets by converting moving wind or water into energy. In addition, the faster the wind or water, the faster the device charges. Featuring a rugged and compact design, WaterLily allows you to charge your devices in any outdoor situation. In fact, you can even use WaterLily in the ocean thanks to its corrosion-resistant components. Simply clean it after using it in salt water to keep it in good condition. Along with the WaterLily Turbine, you also receive two stainless steel carabiners, four stainless steel lanyards, and a paracord. It also comes with a rechargeable 2600 mAh battery.

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