CapitaLIST Pig Chalkboard Piggy Bank

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Welcome your savings booster in a reimagined layout with this CapitaLIST Pig Chalkboard Piggy Bank. Yes, it works like a standard piggy bank with a chunky rubber stopper in the bottom to help you take your funds from the piggy’s tummy without breaking this tiny bank you have. But the interesting part of the bank is its exterior which is built of a chalkboard material for you to set your targets along the way. So, everytime you’re saving money to buy something you dream of having, this chalkboard piggy bank could have it written on the outside which can obviously be erased once the goal is met. The process continues as you keep saving money for one thing or the other without breaking your precious piggies time and again. Bringing back the chalkboard into your daily lives which looks way more prettier than the one you had in school.

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