WaveBrak Cell Phone Radiation Barrier

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Protect yourself from harmful device side effects with the WaveBrak Cell Phone Radiation Barrier. Incredibly, this device protects you while also maintaining cellular and WiFi service. As long-term use of your cell phone may cause cancer, staying safe is paramount. However, staying away from our expensive smartphones is simply not an option. The WaveBrak takes care of it for you. This amazing device blocks the majority of high-frequency RF waves coming from your smartphone and cord but it doesn’t restrict your accessibility. It does this by using proven materials such as a low permeability nickel mesh. And, the effects are easily measured. You can view your media and notifications with ease and never miss another call. In addition, the WaveBrak comes with four ferrite beads to also protect you from your cable. Finally, the WaveBrak comes with a convenient stand to view your cell phone.

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