The Chalice – The All In One, Snack & Drinks Vessel

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Introducing the Chalice, the all-in-one snack and drinks vessel. The Chalice was originally designed for the cinema industry to provide moviegoers with a more enjoyable experience by allowing them to purchase and carry their favorite drinks and snacks to their seat safely and still be hands-free. As home cinema has taken the world by storm, the thought of a chilled drink and warm popcorn / nacho’s for all the family helps create the cinema experience, especially when served in the Chalice. The dome lid with sliding visor was developed for Theme Parks after world leading drinks companies requested a new drink and snack concept for outdoor use. The small cup has been designed to hold a 200ml soft drink carton, and the straw is pointed to pierce the carton foil top. Commercially The Chalice can be customized with different styles of bespoke branding including 3D and lenticular printing and is an excellent cost effective marketing product for all brands and events. They believe that all three sizes of The Chalice will become an integral part of everyday family life. The minimum pre-order package starts from $39 which includes The Chalice 4 Pack (1 x Large Chalice, 1 x Medium Chalice & 2 x Small Chalice with the dome lid having Visor and Straw). Other than this, you can also go for the rest of the pre-order packages such as the Small Accessory Kit ($9), Medium Accessory Kit ($12), Large Accessory Kits ($15), The Chalice 6 Pack ($62), The Chalice 9 Pack ($88) and The Chalice Party Pack ($91).

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