Clip-on Umbrella Solar Charger

$50 USD
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Now any beach umbrella can charge a phone, or USB-compatible device, with the clean power of the sun. The 3 W solar PV panel, is flexible and fold-able, with a single 4.5 V USB jack output (max output: approx. 0.67 A). The flexible panel can be left attached to the umbrella while folded up, and can fold up with it. The ceramic magnets are securely sealed with specialized, industrial heat glue, fused with the fabric of the mounting straps. The mounting straps are made out of durable nylon grosgrain ribbon. The USB 3.0 cord is capable of carrying 900 mA max current, or more than enough to handle the 670 mA max current output of the solar panel. The cord will be 3 m in length, or a little less than 10 feet. So far testing of the prototype in direct sunlight has demonstrated that it takes about 4 hours to fully charge an iphone 4S from an empty battery.

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