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CampMaid All Natural Coconut BBQ Charcoal

Editor's Rating
Discovered on 2017-08-03

Upgrade your barbeque experience with the CampMaid All Natural Coconut BBQ Charcoal. Using 100% coconut, this charcoal burns twice as hot than generic brands. In addition, it also burns twice as long. This means you can achieve optimum temperatures for longer to get the perfect flavor every time. Using the CampMaid kitchen-in-a-bag also lets you get creative with your cooking even in the great outdoors. However, this isn’t just a way to cook your food. The revolutionary CampMaid Charcoal actually helps the environment, too. The leftover charcoal becomes a natural fertilizer and it leaves no trace. It gives you total peace of mind to enjoy Mother Nature without leaving your mark. The entire CampMaid range has this ethos in mind so you can cook efficiently and safely anywhere you go.

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Overview & Specs
Includes :
Bag of Charcoal, Firestarter Fuel Cubes x12
Contents :
100% All Natural Coconut
Features :
2x Burn Time, Natural Fertilizer, 2x Temperature
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Kickstarter Comments (15)

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Richard Treharne
Review from Kickstarter
How do we get more?
Jim Morris
Review from Kickstarter
Great Stuff .. just as advertised .. burns hotter and longer. In a chimney coal starter I only used one starter tablet. I'll have plenty left to start campfires LOL.
Mark Hurrell
Review from Kickstarter
Got mine, am going today to buy a new grill just to try these guys out :)
Review from Kickstarter
As your first backer I was so thrilled to receive my package today!! Thank you!! We will be headed to the ocean to give these a spin on the beach with out dutch oven!!
Review from Kickstarter
Received my bag today. Will use it this weekend.
Review from Kickstarter
Wahoo...2 days to go!!!
Alex Tucker
Review from Kickstarter
Can't wait to use these. When I lived in Guam, we used to burn coconuts (that had fallen from the trees) in the fire and the smoke would keep the mosquitoes away. The smell was fantastic. I'm hoping, while cooking with these, it might provide the same benefit.
Review from Kickstarter
Wow Ken, Thank you!!! We love all your products and they are an essential part of our preps and camping equipment!! I love supporting worthwhile products and awesome companies!!!
Review from Kickstarter
Glad to be backing another CampMaid product on Kickstarter. We going camping tomorrow and we have already packed our CampMaid Outdoor Cookout Grill set. It makes making breakfast so much easier. I am looking forward to trying out your new Coconut Charcoal soon.
John Elkins
Review from Kickstarter
CampMaid shipped me a bag of the Coconut Charcoal a couple of weeks ago to try at scout camp! I cooked two cobblers. One with my regular charcoal and one with the new CampMaid Coconut Charcoal. As advertised it proved to out perform the charcoal I've been using for years! Will definitely continue to use the new Coconut Charcoal. Thanks CampMaid!!!
Ken Yocum
Review from Kickstarter
Wahoo!!! Sheila you were our first backer so we are going to send you a little something extra! :)
Review from Kickstarter
Wahoo!! Fully funded!
Review from Kickstarter
What approximate temperature does each briquette burn? I'm wondering as they are much hotter than regular briquette's, how many to use when DO cooking, i.e. how many on top and bottom of say a 12" to reach 350degrees?
Ken Yocum
Review from Kickstarter
Thanks Sheila! The discount rate to add the Fil-n-go for is $30 (normally $45). The best thing to do is pledge just a dollar amount and list your rewards in the comments/notes + $30 discounted Fil-n-Go Reward #3 ($49) + Fil-n-Go ($30) = $79 Thank you, Kelly Yocum
VP Business Development
202-360-5470 (Mobile) www.CampMaid.com
Review from Kickstarter
I back you at level #3. How much extra to add the Fil-N-Go Bag with utensils, cutting boards, spice shakers to my pledge? I already have the complete system. :-) Thanks for making such great products!!!