SmartTerra Customizable Smart Terrarium

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Create a maintenance-free ecosystem in your home with the SmartTerra Customizable Smart Terrarium. Unlike regular terrariums, SmartTerra autonomously maintains the ideal environment for your plants. SmartTerra monitors and controls all aspects of the ecosystem such as temperature, moisture, humidity and light levels for you. All you have to do is fill up the water tray whenever you receive a notification from the SmartTerra app. Additionally, SmartTerra uses LED lights instead of sunlight and comes with a built-in clock that regulates the ideal amount of daylight. You can also set soft accent lights by turning on the nighttime mode. Furthermore, the rain system automatically waters your plants when it detects dry soil. SmartTerra even allows you to create your own rainstorm at the touch of a button, complete with lightning effects. Finally, SmartTerra comes with speakers so you can listen to different Sound Modes such as rain or waves.

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