Dimpled Tasting Glass From Peugeot

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This Dimpled Tasting Glass (Le Taster) made by Peugeot is a part of their Les Impitoyables collection of wine tasting glasses. For the seasoned oenophile, wine tasting is just as much a fine art as it is a science, and requires professional tools such as wine tasting glasses. The Dimpled Tasting Glass is one such tool that quickly brings out the characteristics of the wine, whether it’s an appreciable quality or a flaw. It has two dimples, one each at the base and side. The dimples allow the glass to be held by the thumb and second finger. This limits the contact and transfer of body heat from the hand to the wine.  Apart from Le Taster, Les Impitoyables has four other tasting glasses, each a unique handmade piece created for a very specific purpose.


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