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Dino Pet Interactive Bioluminescent Light

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Ditch the pet rock and go for the Dino Pet Interactive Bioluminescence Light. This toy is actually a living pet. Inside the clear Apatosaurus-shaped micro aquarium are living dinoflagellates. This wonderful sea life is microscopic but actually glows. In addition, it’s one of the most incredible creations of nature. The Dino Pet houses the Dinoflagellates which require sunlight, water, and simple nutrients to survive. And, these tiny creatures always put on a show. With a simply shake or movement, the entire Dino Pet comes to life with a brilliant blue glow. Perfect for those wanting a pet, the Dino Pet is totally clean and easy to look after. On the belly of Dino Pet is a small opening where you insert the food every couple weeks. And, with 8-14 hours of light a day, the Dino Pet will glow to your heart’s content.

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