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DreamScreen Responsive LED Backlighting

Editor's Rating
Discovered on 2017-11-24

Imagine your TV bigger, brighter and incredibly more immersive. DreamScreen’s responsive LED backlighting creates an incredible home theater experience for any TV with HDMI. DreamScreen offer a new line of Smart TV Lighting products in 4K or HD which add a whole new dimension to your entertainment. DreamScreen comes in 3 Modes: video, music, and ambient. For video, DreamScreen analyzes what is on your screen at 60 fps and sends the corresponding information to the LEDs placed behind the TV. The effect is amazing! You can also connect your DreamScreen to music and watch the responsive lighting dance to your favorite beats using 1 of 4 Audio Visualizers. Finally, you can enjoy setting your personal ambient tone to your television. The app’s color wheel allows you to easily select from a wide range of colors or choose from one of the dynamic Ambient Scenes. DreamScreen is also introducing a new responsive surround lighting device called SideKick. Sidekicks can be placed around your TV or monitor to further immerse users into their movie or gaming experience. Hook up as many SideKicks as you like to customize your setup. DreamScreen offers full control via the WiFi App available on the Google Play and Apple Store.

Overview & Specs
Compatibility :
Any HDMI Source
App :
iOS, Android
LED Style Options :
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Dion de Boer
If I hook up the 4K DreamScreen on the ARC output of my Samsung TV Hub, will the DreamScreen work with any input and/or with internal apps on the TV?
Hello, any update on expected shipping date for HD Flex?
Neil Rankin
Hi guys, I’ve jut received my survey and have the option between choosing the pre-made LED reel, or the flex. I’m unsure on the benefits of each and can’t decide what to select, am you describe the benefits of each? Currently I haven’t bought the 4K TV I intend to use this with, I’m likely to do so sometime in the next 6 months, but I expect it to be 65”. Does the flex give more versatility for different TVs/ shapes of the rear of TVs? Is it easy enough to cut and connect sections together? Or would you recommend just getting the pre-made reel? A second question - I backed the previous DreamScreen. Am I able to connect my existing LEDs from that dreamscreen to the new 4K module, and use them alongside the uplighters until I purchase my new TV? Thirdly, if the above is possible is there still an option to purchase an additional new DreamScreen module without LEDs and connect my old LEDs to it? What is the benefit of the new DreamScreen module for a non-4K TV, other than using WiFi rather than Bluetooth? Thanks!
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
Hello Mike,
We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the DreamScreen experience and we will help address your issue with Wifi. We dont think interference is a issue but something more subtle causing the datapackets post setup to not come through. Do you have any special firewalls set up on your router? Please cycle power once to your hub. You will see the DreamScreen SSID show up for 2 minutes and it will disappear after connection to router. If it does not disappear, the router may have disallowed the connection.
We will also send a DM to you so our app development team can also ask any questions required to isolate any specific issue on your setup and address it.
Hi guys and gals on the DreamScreen team, Finally got around to hooking up my HD unit (was in the process of moving and didn't want the LEDs to get damaged by the movers) and I am having an issue where the app can not find the device (or the sidekicks) after a few min. When I first plugin the hub it connects just fine, but after about 10 min the phone app can't see the hub anymore, the hub continues working and I can still see the hub in my list of connected devices on my router but the app says "no devices found". I have good wifi signal in the TV area, have moved the hub out from behind the TV to rule out interference from the TV or the TV degrading the signal, all with no luck. The hub continues to function and is AWESOME by the way (tested it with "The Force Awakens" last night) but I can not change modes or inputs except by pressing the buttons on the hub :( Any insight or ideas?
HDR and HDR10, 4:2:0, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 up to 12-bit. *GIRLISH SQUEAL* I can't wait to plug this in!
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
Jason, Philipp,
We expect these to start shipping around Mid November.
We have started hardware production and have a few more firmware details to iron out. We will send out an update shortly sharing more details of the 4K with you. We have three processors in the 4K system and two can be updated in the field and one cannot. We want to make sure every possible hardware capability is fully realized before we ship out.
At this time we are pleased to say that the 4K fully supports HDR and HDR10, 4:2:0, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 up to 12-bit.
Philipp Vierthaler
Hi Rakesh and Kate, Just One question...what Date you think the 4K Packages will arrive in Germany? Thats for the Great Innovation you built. Greatings from Germany
Jason Cockrell
What is the estimated shipping for the 4k units I still have not received mine?
Alex Marth
Ah right, sorry - thanks DS Team!
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
Alex, You did not receive a survey because we've already collected shipping information for the "Shout Out" reward option.
Alex Marth
Hm - have not received any survey for 4k unit... hope thats normal...
Mads Vej
Thanks for the reply - I ,ost likely won't get a new surround receiver on this side of New Year anyway :)
Mike P
NVM. I received the survey. :)
Mike P
I have not received my survey. Should I have received it?
ok thanks rakesh or kate for info about your FLEX leds.
so i send a DM (i believe cuz i received a ticket) to change my order if we can.
Can I answer the questionnaire in the meantime?
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
The DTS and Dolby should work. You will need the Firmware Updated to (In beta now and available in public App in first week of November) as it clears up some EDID issues. Valentino,
A member of our team will DM you shortly. Matthew,
The DS hardware can track seconds, mins and hours (used for sleep timer which we will provide via update soon) but cannot keep Real Time. ie - it does not have battery backup to store time.
Nonetheless, an accessory we will launch soon to give IR control will also be able to connect to IFTTT. With this, you can have it change states in time or even turn blue when the weather is looking good. Binassmax,
The Flex LED has 24 LEDs per meter. We are using WS2813 on the Flex Reel. The connector utilizes the Backup data line to ensure that the strip works even if a pixel has an issue.
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
We believe that this is because of the digital signals that the hub is sending to the LEDs. the digital pulses have many harmonics that could be causing this interference. We are going to investigate more to see if we can alter the frequency or drive strength to eliminate this effect. For the time being, please do keep the hub and the LED wire a little away from the Coax cable. Please DM us if you need any special accessories from us to help you do this. Steev,
We always ship first to KS and Indiegogo before other shipments. Touch of Modern is carrying the HD Total Surround Kits which we authorized to ship only after all KS shipments are done. We will make sure of the same for 4K as well. Kurtchief,
We will send you a DM. Frederic,
DreamScreen does use AES encryption when connected to your router. But before connection to the router, we do need a mechanism of getting the Wifi credentials to it and hence the access point. After the credentials have been setup DS turns off this access point and all Comms are on the AES encrypted connection.
DS does turn on the Access Point every time after startup for 2 minutes. We put this in just in case a user wanted to reassign the connection to a different router.
We are looking into the static IP address. We did not expect this to come up as a requirement based on how some other Wifi based products work. But we have had two requests for this so far and we will see what can be done.
In regards to Access Point causing interference - it is unlikley because it is 2.4Ghz similar to Wifi. However, we are wondering if the digital data on the LED is causing the issue because of its close proximity to Coax Line. Can you please offset the way the LED cord is routed and try again?
Someone knows the characteristics of the flex led? leds per meter etc
Hello, is it possible to have Dreamscreen turn on by default at a certain time of day (providing the television is on too)? Even better have Dreamscreen turn on after sunset? But of course still be able to override it through the app. Also, how do I go about sending you a direct message? Thanks!
Valentino Ciciarelli
Hi there, I have been told by my local postoffice that due to a customs issue the package has been returned to sender. Can someone please contact me or let me know what we can do now?
Mads Vej
So, my old surround Amp just died on me. As it's pretty old, I've so far been connecting all sound with optical sound cables. When I buy a new one, it'll most likely be with HDMI inputs instead of optical sound. Will the Dreamscreen HD hub support 6 channels digital surround sound in DTS and Dolby Digital?
Unfortunately the Dreamscreen device has some major deisgn flaws: First of all, sometimes it acts as a WLAN Access-Point. It creates an open WLAN named "DreamScreen1207" sending on channel 6 and disturbing any valid WLANs. You can even connect to that WLAN without using a password. I think this is a serious security vulnerability. Second, when this Access-Point is active, the picture on my television (using the TVs own tuner) gets disturbed in a way that watching TV becomes impossible (dropouts, stuttering). When I pull the power plug of DreamScreen the disturbances of the picture vanish immediately. So they are clearly caused by DreamScreen. Third, as I already wrote here, the audio jack is broken. I tried several standard plugs, the all just “fall out”, they don’t snap. And fourth you can’t configure DreamScreen to use a static IP-Address. You have to enable DHCP on your router to get it working. This is another drawback for me.
I really like the color effects but with all these mentioned issues using DreamScreen is sadly not an option for me.
Gunther Schmidl
Alex, I got mine overnight (Central European time).
Hi, I received my survey but it only gives the option of one flex reel. I was told during the campaign that my pledge would allow any option including two flex reels since I need that size for my projector. How do I do this? Thanks
Devin Odom
Got the survey!
Devin Odom
I haven't received one either. A recent post mentioned we should expect it by the end of today...
Alex Faust
Did all the 4k backers get the survey today? I see that you said by today, but still haven't received mine. Thanks!
Steev Janssen
Why are these being sold already on the Touch Of Mondern app?!
Joel Jonsson
The dreamscreen seems to interfere with the normal TV transmissions, those that aren't digital. I read that another one had the same problem? If I move the dreamscreen a couple of inches away from the TV the picture improves. This is only for the cable and not for this going through the dreamscreen.
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
A separate survey is not required. Your addition of SideKicks is part of the order notes that pop up when we are processing your order We will be shipping your SideKicks at same time. To some European countries, we will break the shipment into two pieces to reduce shipping weight.
...sorry....clumsy fingers.....as I ordered the Sidekicks via a DM to you, will I receive a separate survey for those? I presume so. I remembered you were going to send them out as separate shipments if I remember correctly.
Received and answered DreamScreen survey. As I ordered the
Jonathan Ruiz
Filled out my 4K survey! Now I just have to wait.
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
That is correct. You will be receiving the surveys by tomorrow.
Jordan Widholm
Did you say that the 4K backers would be getting their surveys this week?
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
Absolutely. We can change your order in any fashion till shipment. Please DM us and we will help out with it.
Is it possible to change our order again? Or is it too late? I would like to go to a diy because I would like accurate colors and the least blur possible.
I would be interested in more LEDs by the meter than the one you propose.
Robbie Downes
@Rakesh & Kate Reddy
It's great to hear that the 4K is almost ready! I'm looking forward to receiving my survey.
Jonathan Ruiz
@Ben scroll down 6 posts from yours and there's your answer
Ben Neucom
When can we expect to see units with Flex LEDs to ship?
Mike Tesznar
Ok way cool on the 4k I have been a very satisfied with my original setup and can't wait to get my survey and then the new 4k Great job gang
Keith Sizemore
@Creators This looks great! Can't wait to set mine up. I appreciate all the work your team is putting into developing such a cool addition to the home theater.
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
Often, we have our backers and customers create some of the coolest videos to show off DreamScreen. We came across these recently which we wanted to share from Youtube:
https://www.youtube.com/watch… DreamScreen DIY is meant for more flexibility during install allowing for higher brightness/ resolution etc. We came across this video that uses 72 LEDs/meter (3 times denser than our standard LED packages). DreamScreen treats each LED as a zone and divides the screen averaging based on the number of LEDs installed. This allows for scalable resolution across many TV sizes. https://www.youtube.com/watch…
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
'Alexa, Ask DreamScreen to switch to HDMI 1'. We have been hearing a lot of this around the office these days :)
We are now working on ways to make using DreamScreen (especially switching Modes and HDMI inputs) very easy. We will have support for Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT. We shall also bring forth simple accessories that will allow control of DS via your existing TV remotes as well (IR).
Mads Vej
I believe I read somewhere that Dreamscreen will support Google Assistant at some point? What is the official words on this? :)
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
The Flex tooling has been completed and we are going to ship it with same time as 4K. The Flex Surveys will also be going out. Based on testing, the biggest change to Flex was the strength of the adhesive liner. We have improved it to allow for better adhesion over the long length of Flex. Jason,
You will be receiving your Survey this week. You can hold off filling your Survey till you are back, or simply DM us to hold the package. The packages in USA wont need to be signed for, but we have had instances where they have been stolen from customer's doorsteps.
Rakesh & Kate Reddy
G Dario,
We verified that the HD EDID was making a minor error while combining EDID tables. The good news is that it is a simple firmware update and we have already verified in our lab that we can support it. We have now tested with our equipment that in addition to LPCM, we will support AC-3, DTS, DSD, E-AC-3, DTS-HD and MLP.
I am going to send a DM to you shortly about the possibility of us to send the Firmware Upgrade as a beta test before release in the public app.
Jason T
Excited to hear about the 4k versions shipping!! I do have a small issue, I will be out of the country getting married from Nov. 17th - Nov. 29th. will someone need to be home to sign for it? Cause that could be a problem for me...suggestions?
G. Dario fixed the problem with the sidekicks. Good job! But the problem with the DTS and Dolby sound is still there.
My setup: Samsung SmartTv->Dreamscreen HD->7.1 Denon AV-Receiver where all other electronic devices are hocked up like the PS4. Netlix and gaming works. But when i want to watch a bluray it' switches to Stereo. My 3D blurays aren't working at all anymore, it say's my player aren't made for 3d content? Do i have to buy a splitter or something to get this work all together? Or hook it up other wise. THX