Eightcups Smart Drink Analyzing Tumbler

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Get a better view of your health when you have the Eightcups Smart Drink Analyzing Tumbler. Incredibly intelligent, this drinking vessel uses infrared technology to tell you the nutritional value of your beverages. Connecting to an app, the Eightcups can determine which beverages you drink during the day. It can determine juice varieties, types of coffee, and so much more. In addition, it also tells you how many calories are in your drinks as well as the sugar and caffeine. With Americans drinking 11 cups of beverages a day, it’s an often overlooked area for nutrition. With the Eightcups, you can fully understand what you’re consuming. The intuitive app helps you stay hydrated throughout the day. Because you can enter your health information, the Eightcups app makes recommendations about what you should drink for optimal health.

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