Duo Mount – Highly Compatible And Durable Bike Mount

$32 USD
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The Duo Mount is a dual-purpose bike mount that attaches your bike computer and camera to your handlebars. It is a 2 in 1 solution designed for a 31.8mm handlebar that holds your bike computer on top and your action camera below. Unlike other mounting options, the Duo Mount comes with the flexibility to attach almost any bike computer without the need to purchase extra adapters or accessories. It all comes in one pack, and there is no lock-in with one brand or device. You can also connect any action camera or another device (i.e. bike lights) that uses the universal mounting system with the typical three fins. The Duo Mount can be installed in less than 15 seconds with a single screw and a single pivoting arm. The bolt is conveniently tightened from the top, so there is no risk of dropping bolts or being forced into an awkward position to install from underneath your handlebars. It’s that simple.

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