Nest Thermostat E Smart Thermostat

$169 USD
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Staying comfortable in your home has never looked better. Introducing the Nest Thermostat E Smart Thermostat. Upgrading on the original, the Nest Thermostat E is sleek, stylish, and smarter than ever. Incredibly, the smart home device comes ready to go out of the box. Simply plug it in, connect via Wi-Fi, and be comfortable. The device features a standard pre-set schedule that works for virtually anyone. However, the more you use the device and make manually adjustments, it begins to learn. The Nest Thermostat E understands your family’s heating habits to develop your own personalized schedule. To fit into your home, the Nest Thermostat E features a beautiful exterior complete with a frosted display. Its muted aesthetic is actually designed to blend in with your décor and go unnoticed.

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