iLuv Aud Amazon Echo Dot Speaker Dock

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Give your smart speaker an acoustic boost with the iLuv Aud Amazon Echo Dot Speaker Dock. Thanks to jAura Technology, the Aud Dock amplifies and improves the sound from your Amazon Dot. The Dock features a 7-band equalizer and a 2-band dynamic range compressor for total control over your audio. To get started, you simply slot your Amazon device into the top of the Dock. The iLuv has its own rechargeable battery, providing power for the speaker and the Dot. The Amazon Dot operates as normal, using your voice to make commands and ask questions. In addition, the Aud Dock works perfectly with any other Aux audio source. It delivers powerful beats and soaring trebles, so you can enjoy your favorite tracks. Furthermore, the Aud Dock is easily small enough for any coffee table or nightstand. If you use Alexa every day, this device is a game-changer.

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