EcoFire – Powerful Cooking with 90% Less Smoke

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With EcoFire, use unlimited wood to cook unlimited food and protect the environment at the same time. By reducing smoke emissions by 90%, EcoFire is one of the coolest systems adventurers and camping enthusiasts can use. The device comes with an exclusive technology that creates a smokeless fire for cooking meals and boiling water in minutes. You can plug Ecofire USB to any External Power Bank or Solar Charger (1.2 A or 2 A) output. With a handful of sticks, twigs, pine cones and wood pellets, you can now cook an entire meal for your family on the go. To be more specific, the device is capable of boiling 33.8 oz of water in 4:30 secs. Consider it a fun system for the whole family; EcoFire is powered by sticks which means everyone can be involved in collecting “firewood”. Get set for an amazing camping weekend power packed with delicious food!

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