Elbow Cassette Tape Turntable

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The lack of a tape deck in vehicles and speakers is no longer a problem thanks to the Elbow Cassette Tape Turntable. Perfect for the lovers of nostalgia or if you simply prefer the sound of a tape, this system is modern and sleek. Elbow is strikingly minimal. It uses a bi-axial arm and a control wheel to attach directly to the cassette tape. The actual tape feeds through Elbow to produce the classic sound you love. In addition to the style, Elbow is also highly portable. When it’s not playing your tunes, it can actually clip to your clothing for transpiration. You can also toss it easily into your bag or pocket to always have it on hand. Finally, on the front of Elbow is an intuitive control dial. With this, you can effortlessly fast forward, rewind, and play your music. With Elbow, your favorite albums are always on deck.

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