Vintage Electric Cafe Modular eBike

$3995 USD
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Turn your commute into the best ride every day when you have the Vintage Electric Cafe Modular eBike. This personal vehicle combines the latest technology and stunning retro design. The result is a fully functional electronic bike that totally suits your lifestyle. The Cafe eBike features a removable battery unit. It remains in place on the frame and, when it’s time to charge, removes with ease. With an aluminum housing, it remains lightweight and protected. This powerful battery takes the Cafe eBike up to 60 miles on a single charge. Taking just two hours to reach 100%, the Cafe eBike can go as fast as 28mph with pedal assist. Constructed in California, the Cafe eBike looks as beautiful as it rides. The stunning Chromoly frame and Supernova LED lighting are the icing on the cake to the perfect bike.

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