Vinci Ring Discreet and Elegant Fidget Spinner

$40 USD
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Keep your hands occupied anywhere you go when you wear the Vinci Ring Fidget Spinner. This revolutionary device is nothing like the fidget spinners you’ve seen. Premium materials and precision manufacturing allow for a compact design with a surprising heft. You can wear it around your neck, on your keychain, or even on your finger. In addition to looking great, it also allows you to instantly fidget whenever you want. Remarkably, you can even use it without anyone noticing. The simple design features two interlocking rings pressed manually around 58 exposed bearing balls. This allows the rings to spin effortlessly and smoothly making it as fun as it is elegant. The Vinci Ring comes in a variety of styles of varying materials. You have your choice of a brass, titanium, or gold ring. You also have the choice of either black or white ceramic bearings. The brass edition also comes with the choice of stunning glass bearings. Whichever you choose, it’ll last a lifetime of fidgeting.

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