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Enduro Tough Toy Cars

$25 USD
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Introducing the Enduro Tough Toy Cars. These little vehicles are built with tough drivers in mind. They feature 100% sustainable materials and are designed to last lifetimes. The Enduro Toy Cars have exceptional driving mechanics thanks to unique patented steering and suspension systems. They can handle any track you throw at them whether it’s off-roading in dirt or zipping through race cones indoors. The Racer features a metal body and even a real leather seat. It is nimble and agile, allowing it to make extremely tight turns smoothly with ease. The Truck features real wood, metal, and natural rubber. In addition, it has leaf spring suspension for off-roading and also fits the Racer in the back. The Enduro Toy Cars are perfect for kids of all ages. Their thoughtful design is ideal for small hands and big imaginations. Finally, they all come with a lifetime guarantee with free repairs.

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