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Travel Halo Ergonomic Travel Pillow

$19 USD
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Comfortably catch up on sleep on your travels with the Travel Halo Ergonomic Travel Pillow. This plush system is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Wrapping around your head, the Travel Halo features two strategically placed cushions. They cradle the back of your head so you can rest soundly against the back of your seat. Due to the placement, the Travel Halo prevents your head from rolling around and keeps it stabilized and comfortable. In addition, these soft pillows keep your neck fully aligned. To make your sleep on the go even better, the Travel Halo is complete with a built-in eye mask. This cover extends from the front of the headband to rest gently on your face while blocking out the light. It also serves to add a bit of privacy to your sleep. Coming in three colors, the Travel Halo folds down into a highly portable size.

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