The First Coffee Pod for French Press, Cold Brew and Aeropress

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Essense started from an Italian team of coffee lovers. Fascinated by international ways to enjoy coffee, they studied and designed an innovative tool that encases three brewers in one for a new coffee experience. This way, it is possible to prepare French Press, Cold Brew and Aeropress coffee by using ground coffee or for the first time a special coffee pod. Essense has taken a new approach to develop its product by collaborating directly with coffee enthusiasts around the world, offering them the exclusive opportunity to test and shape it. Combining the concepts of testing and tasting, Essense has launching the program Be a Taster. This project is creating a big international team -the Essense Tasters. They will try the brewer and give their feedback to improve it with tailored solutions. In this way, “everyone all over the world can contribute to a project made by coffee lovers for coffee lovers”. To Become a Taster go on website.

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