ExoLens – Professional Grade Photography Gear for Your iPhone

$129 USD
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Meticulously engineered lenses are finally here in the form of ExoLens which can make your iPhone nothing less than a high-end professional camera. Made from the highest grade materials, this set of lens will help you deliver clear, crisp visuals. You can even swap these lenses in seconds by using the compact and functional machined aluminum bracket lined with ultra-soft protective foam. The 165-degree wide-angle lens will expand the iPhone’s frame by up to 35% capturing more context, thus allowing your images to reflect the way the human eye actually sees the world. To call the ExoLens just a set of iPhone lens would be an understatement though. This is more of a modular photography platform. There’s an integrated standard tripod mount (1/4-20) at the bottom of the machined aluminum bracket allows instant mounting to tripods, stabilizers, and more. Additionally, the bottom of the iPhone is free for mounting other photo and video accessories like flash equipment and directional microphones. Your iPhone camera is now put to good use.

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