Expanse High-Quality Speaker System

$179 USD
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Pair your media to superb audio with the Expanse High-Quality Speaker System. With everything you need, this system includes electrostatic speakers, a subwoofer, and an amplifier. The Expanse Speakers fill your entire room with crystal clear audio yet retain low distortion. Perfect for gaming as well as music lovers, the Expanse Speakers come in two different sized models: the Beat and the Kick. The former is the smaller version and was designed with gamers in mind. They can easily mount to your monitor or stand freely on your desk. The Kick, on the other hand, is the larger model for your TV. You can connect the Kick via cable or go Bluetooth for flexibility in setup. Whichever you choose, both models come with the Slam, a compact active woofer. It complements the Expanse Speakers with rich, deep bass.

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