Power Lens Fast Wireless Charger

$34 USD
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Easily recharge while you work with the Power Lens Fast Wireless Charger. Looking like an actual camera lens, this nifty device is actually Qi-enabled. Simply plug it into the wall and it will recharge your device. Working without wires, it’s easy to drop your phone into place for an instant connection. In fact, the Power Lens also gives you a delightful shutter sound so you know the charge has initiated. Perfect for photographers while editing and culling, the Power Lens gives you the benefits of wireless charging and one-handed removal. Best of all, the Power Lens recharges 1.5 times faster than the cable you already own. The wonderful design of the Power Lens makes it look just like a lens, even down to the markings. On the side is everything you’d expect such as the focal length and aperture.

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