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Fidget Spinner Stress Reducer – 2 Pack

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Relax by keeping your hands busy with the Friendly Fidgets Fidget Spinner Tri-Spinning Stress Reducer. These spinners are sold as a set of 2. Each Fidget Spinners is made with high-quality ball bearings with removable holding caps. Made with an aerodynamic shape and design, they can spin for over seven minutes. It’s easy, fun and relaxing. Simply place the spinner between your fingers and propel it in a spinning motion to get it started. Then watch it spin or place it on the desk and see how long it spins for. Spinning quietly, the Friendly Fidget Spinner won’t bothering work colleagues or individuals during phone call. It’s perfect for those trying to simply focus on the task at hand or trying to kick a habit. Fidget Spinners will keep your hands occupied…give it a spin!

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