Fiks Reflective Bike Rim Stripes

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Riding your bicycle is great, but even with a front and rear light, riding at night can be dangerous due to poor side visibility. Fiks:Reflective Wheel Stripes aim to increase side visibility for bicycles to keep their riders safe. They are designed specifically to fit modern bicycle wheels and install easily by being applied to the surface of the rim between the braking surface and the spokes, converting them into full reflectors, and staying out of the way of the brakes. They are made out of a special retroreflective material that reflects light back to the source, even if it isn’t straight on. This means the light from the headlights of a car at that dark intersection will bounce back towards the car and the driver. Designed to fit 700c, 29″, or 28″ wheels [BSD of 622] with a non-braking surface of at least 7mm in width between the brake track and spoke edge. Do not instal on brake surface.


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