Flir Scout TK Thermal Camera

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Get the full picture, heat included, with the Flir Scout TK Thermal Camera. Coming in at just four inches long, this thermal imaging camera is a hand held standalone device that can sense and capture heat in objects up to 100 yards away. The 640×480 frame display will instantly show sources of heat. To capture, simply press the button once for a photo or do a long press for a video. At just 6 ounces, the Flir Scout TK can function in all of the elements including temperatures from -4° to 104° Fahrenheit and can be dropped without damaging the camera. The 5-hour battery and storage of 4 hours of video or up to 1000 images will last you any outing. The Flir Scout TK Thermal camera is great for outdoor activities or just finding the draft in your house.

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