Moebe Floating Leaves Botanical Photography

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Decorate your space with unique leaf art with the Moebe Floating Leaves Botanical Photography. Designed specifically for the Moebe Frame, Floating Leaves is a series of botanical photography to elevate your space. It is a collaboration between three design companies based in Copenhagen: Moebe, Paper Collective, and Norm Architects. Made using a special printing method, the prints are added to transparent film. The botanical photographs come in three sizes including A3, A4, and A5. Drawing inspiration from botanic samples and classic illustrations, the Floating Leaves express a moment in time. The prints feature a hint of decay since you can see that they’re vulnerable to the elements, like wind or rain. However, their imperfections tell a story of their past. By featuring the print of a transparent frame, the leaves appear to be multi-dimensional, which is difficult to achieve on printed products.

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