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Gypsy Jet Setter Foldable Yoga Mat

$58 USD
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Confidently practice yoga in any location with the Gypsy Jet Setter Foldable Yoga Mat. Featuring an anti-slip top layer, you won’t have to worry about your hands or feet slipping while using the Gypsy Jet Setter Yoga Mat. Additionally, you won’t slide around if you get sweaty during your practice, thanks to the absorbent sponge middle layer. The padding of the sponge also gives you an extra cushion between you and floor, making it ideal to practice on hard or uneven surfaces. In fact, you can even do headstands on the mat without hurting your head. There are also small gripping balls on the bottom of the mat, keeping it securely in place on any surface. Furthermore, the mat features antibacterial Silver Iron Technology to prevent any bacteria from growing. Made from eco-friendly materials for all of its layers, it’s also machine washable. After your practice, simply fold it up to store it anywhere. Machine washable.

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