Funnel Sweeper Dustpan from MENU

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Simplify your chores down to a single step with the Funnel Sweeper Dustpan from MENU. Featuring an innovative design, this dustpan allows you to gather, store, and bin debris in a single motion. Unlike other products, the Funnel Sweeper has a funnel for a handle. As you sweep, the dustpan collects all the debris near the handle. When full, you simply hold the dustpan over a garbage can and dump the debris through the handle. Rather than deal with a dusty mess, the Funnel Sweeper guides the debris straight into the bin. No particles will spill out from the sides and fall onto the floor. Available in black and white, the Funnel Sweeper has a minimalist aesthetic to match the ease of use. The brush slides into the handle for effortless storage. Additionally, the brush is finished with a leather loop for hanging.

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