notNeutral GINO Glass Coffee Dripper

$24 USD
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Enjoy the finer flavors in life with the notNeutral GINO Glass Coffee Dripper. Looking like a work of art, this coffee system finely balances form and function to produce delicious brews. The GINO Dripper uses borosilicate glass that is mouth-blown. With a double-walled construction, the GINO Dripper has a precise and highly intentional design. In fact, the dripper is the ideal length for the water to travel through the coffee before dispensing. The inner cone is complete with three holes at the bottom. These are also mindfully designed to capture the dynamic flavor of your favorite blends. As a result, the extraction of the GINO Dripper is pure and delicious every time. Meanwhile, the double-walled construction ensures the water stays nice and hot the entire time.

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