Nums Smart Glass Trackpad Keyboard

$32 USD
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Upgrade your MacBook to unprecedented levels with the Nums Smart Glass Trackpad Keyboard. Superbly thin, this device sits right on top of your trackpad. Nums features the one bit of your keyboard that your MacBook is missing: a number keypad. Compatible with pre-2016 and current MacBook laptops, Nums features the numbers 0-9 as well as multiple symbols and an enter key. In addition to the extra keys, Nums also integrates with your MacOS software. With a simple swipe, you can instantly launch websites and apps. As an added benefit, Nums offers a layer of protection to your trackpad. Thanks to its ergonomic placement, you can type numbers up to 2.3 times faster than using the row on the keyboard. Because you’re moving your fingers less, you can fly through spreadsheets and documents.

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