Goby All-Black Brush Kit

$60 USD
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Keep your whites nice and pearly with the Goby All-Black Brush Kit. This brush has been designed with your teeth and mouth in mind. It uses the latest technology to clean every nook and cranny to leave your teeth as clean as the dentist. It comes with its own charging station as well as a USB cable. With this, you can easily travel with it and recharge anywhere, even from your laptop. The Goby All-Black has a stunning minimalist aesthetic to match the modern tooth-brusher. It’s the perfect way to add a sense of sophistication to your bathroom. In addition to working its tail off on your teeth, the Goby All-Black also comes with a subscription plane. For only $6 a month, you get a brand new brush head sent to your door. This ensures you’re only brushing with the highest quality, month after month.

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