Beer Pong Golf Drinking Game

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Combine your two favorite activities with the Beer Pong Golf Drinking Game. This game comes with a board and everything you need to have a little competitive fun. Much like traditional beer pong, Beer Pong Golf comes with a board complete with 10 different slots for cups. With the included plastic golf balls, the goal is to use your club to chip the ball into the cups. You know the drill – if you get it in the cup, the other team has to drink. Then, you simply fill the hole with a coaster and keep playing. Perfect for tailgating, Beer Pong Golf comes with a turf mat with rubber so you always get the traction you need. In addition, the golf balls are high-quality plastic. They’ll soar through the air but are lightweight so won’t damage any property. To make the game all your own, you can actually customize your Beer Pong Golf to showcase your favorite sports team.

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