Google Jamboard – Smart Collaboration Space

$4999 USD
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The newest addition to G Suite, Jamboard merges the worlds of physical and digital creativity. It’s real time collaboration on a brilliant scale, whether your team is together in the conference room or spread all over the world. This 55-inch 4K screen will make it easy for teams to make those meetings more productive and smarter in the long run. The Jamboard comes in multiple colors and is designed to be movable with an integrated stand, wheels, and single-cable setup. A built-in HD camera, speakers, and Wi-Fi allows for video conferencing and broadcasting through Hangouts. It can also be mounted on a wall and features pen and eraser holders underneath. Each drawing is considered as a ‘jam’ that will automatically get saved to Google Drive for later access and editing. In addition to live collaboration with other Jamboards, smartphone and tablet apps allow teammates to work remotely while seeing and making additions to the board. Now that’s how the future teams should collaborate. The Jamboard will be available for under $6000 next year.

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