Graava – Action Camera That Does the Editing for You

$249 USD
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Graava is the first video camera that uses artificial intelligence to identify and automatically edit the best moments of your footage. This will later enable you to share them on your social channels and get those desired likes and retweets you care the most about. Graava is smart enough to be your perfect video editing companion and the fact that it’s small in size makes it a highly portable accessory too. Editing video using traditional software is labor-intensive. Producing a minute of content takes an hour of work. Graava uses artificial intelligence and sensor information to identify the best scenes in your video and edits it automatically. So after a day of filming, you get the option of seeing the memories that mattered to you only and leave the junk aside. Simply select the desired length of the final video and let Graava edit your footage. Footage from two or more Graavas can be seamlessly and automatically combined to show multiple point-of-views in the same final video clip. Reliving your visual memories just got smarter!

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