GRIFF Aviation 300 Super Drone

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Take to the skies with power with the GRIFF Aviation 300 Super Drone. Unlike other technologies, the “300” refers to its ability rather than its release sequence. The GRIFF 300 is capable of carrying an incredible 300kg as it flies. Even with this payload, the drone weighs just 75kg to keep it portable. Pairing with this strength is superb on-board power. Totally customizable, the GRIFF 300 Super Drone is compliant with all European UAS build-safety regulations. Ideal for big jobs, the GRIFF 300 features a flight time of up to 45 minutes. Thanks to the ingenious design, this drone can be customized both with its systems and its payload. Don’t waste your time on flimsy gear. Get the best and get the job done with the GRIFF Aviation 300 Super Drone.

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