Groovy Glove – Change the Way You Clean

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From cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of your home to your pet after they’ve had their walk in the mud and dirt, the Groovy Glove is designed to help you clean the messiest projects of your life without going for those toxic chemicals. With this six-fingered microfiber glove, you can now undergo all your cleaning tasks in a jiffy and with only a bit of water. Thanks to the revolutionary microfiber, the Groovy Glove is a far better alternative to wearing latex gloves or using paper towels and wasting your money in keeping your daily equipment as well as your house clean. Its versatility is what makes it one of a kind. You can not only use it to clean your home but also your dogs. Each of these gloves allows you to clean between the toes and under the claws where dirt hides keeping whatever is on the paws from entering your home and car. You can simply hang it on your door handle and have it by your side just when you need it the most. The glove is also great for cars by facilitating the process of cleaning in the nooks and crannies of the car’s interior. One or two gloves can remove wax from an entire car and clean in the cracks and crevices where wax likes to hide. Finally, you can use it to clean any fragile item with proper care as compared to a cloth or cleaning towel. The six-finger design will make it easy for you to flip it on the other side when one side goes dirty. A complete mess-free approach to handling your daily cleaning task without getting your hands dirty. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, you can grab your Groovy Glove starting from a super early bird price of $13.  

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