Garamond Corpvs Handmade Screen-Printed Posters

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Bring beautiful yet informative design to your home with the Garamond Corpvs Handmade Screen-Printed Posters by Björn Johansson. These handmade posters combine stunning typography, Latin letters, and a human element. The letters feature a bone design. Like humans, there is such a thing as letter anatomy. Each letter is complete with a spine, arms, shoulders, and even a tail. These intricately designed letters celebrate modern and thought-provoking typography and challenge the boring script we see every day. Even the letter S features the human spine. The Garamond Corpvs Posters are available in four sizes and three designs. You can have the entire alphabet, a single letter, or one with extreme detail about typography. Perfect in any space, the posters are created with a screen printed method and have a minimalist design.

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