Handmade Solid Copper Metal Domino Game Set in Box & Dice

$129 USD
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Make lifelong memories during your family game nights with a domino game set that can be passed down for generations! These handcrafted, pure copper domino game pieces don’t only look amazing; they’re designed to last a lifetime! Their goal is to continue creating a line of high-quality game products that promote personal interactions with family and friends. Just like the other products we have done, we not only want to create a product that will be enjoyed by your family but one that can be passed down in your family for generations to come. There’s nothing better than playing games WITH your kids using the SAME pieces that you played with AS a kid! These domino tiles are created in an “Old World” fashion. All of the pieces are handcrafted from pure copper, sanded smooth, individually stamped, given an antique finish, and then polished up to give the most beautiful contrast.

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