HipStar Hands-Free Travel Cart

$210 USD
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Enjoy your adventures to the fullest with the HipStar Hands-Free Travel Cart. This innovative cart moves with you in a variety of ways so you can always be comfortable and totally hands-free. The HipStar features a clever harness design that secures around your waist. When in place, you can walk and run with the HipStar always following behind you. Thanks to the built-in arms, your feet will never come in contact with the cart. Unlike bulky bags, the HipStar saves you from back pain on your journeys. Likewise, it makes light of everything inside. The large wheels make all types of terrain accessible from the beach to the desert to your city commute. In addition, you can wear the HipStar as a backpack with the integrated shoulder straps. It transforms in just seconds so you can instantly tackle the stairs or even a mountain.

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