Heated Physiotherapy Massager by Carepeutic

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Get the ultimate joint relief with the Heated Physiotherapy Massager by Carepeutic. This device, designed for knees, elbows, and shoulders, features four dynamic and moderate yet healthy methods into one compact unit. The massager can deliver heat moxibustion, adjustable infrared heat therapy, magnetic therapy, and soothing massage. It’s equipped with four infrared lights, an 8000 rpm vibrating mechanism for massage, six tungsten warming lights with a range of 113°F to 149°F, and built in magnets with 2000 gauss intensity. The dynamic Heated Physiotherapy Massager brings methods used by many professionals right into your own home. Whether your joint pain is from hiking, working, or just wearing high heels, the Heated Physiotherapy Massager by Carepeutic will give you instant relief.

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