Helios – The World’s First Wireless Solar Powered Headphones

$155 USD
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Using Bluetooth® 4.0, Helios will allow you to listen to music and phone calls wirelessly without ever worrying about recharging again. Helios, a wireless headset (bluetooth connected) is conceived with a solar panel mounted on the top face. Power is drawn from natural light through the solar panel in order to recharge its internal battery. It is not possible to extract the collected energy to recharge an external device. There is also a possibility to recharge through an AC outlet. HELIOS uses a non-polluting process to recharge its internal battery through a photovoltaic film located on top of the headset. It provides the necessary energy for the Bluetooth 4.0 technology to operate while always having the possibility to recharge the device using a cable through a Micro-USB port.

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