Beefer High Performance Beef Grill

$899 USD
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Grill a perfect piece of beef every time with the Beefer High Performance Beef Grill. This German-designed grill reaches 1500 degrees Fahrenheit to create optimal heat for grilling steaks. The ceramic burner is also mounted on top, providing top-down maximum heat for more thorough and even cooking. The tray below stops juice and fat from draining, which you can use to make delicious sauces. To use the Beefer, simply connect it to a gas or propane valve. Then ignite the ceramic heat source and add the meat. In addition to being easy to use, the Beefer is also easy to clean. All you need to do is remove the interior parts and place them in the dishwasher. Likewise, you can use warm water and mild detergent to clean all the detachable interior parts.

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